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Nothing for refugees without refugees

promotes participation and inclusion of Refugees and RLOs in decision that affects their wellbeing

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Join us to make a positive impact in the lives of people forced to flee. We work around the clock to protect and assist refugees all over the world.

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Help us save more families forced to flee. You can help refugees rediscover hope for a brighter future by giving a regular monthly donation to ARN.

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Who we are

The African Refugee-Led Network (ARN) is a coalition of refugee-led organizations (RLOs) that work to amplify the voices and advocate for the rights of refugees in Africa. The network focuses on building a vibrant and a strong institution with capacity to advocate for participation and inclusion of RLOs and refugee in issues affecting the livelihood and wellbeing.

Our Vision

To be an influential regional network that promotes participation and inclusion of Refugees and RLOs in decision that affects their wellbeing.

Our Mission

ARELON exists to influence, coordinate and advocate for inclusion and participation of refugees and RLOs in decision making at national, continental and global levels through policy advocacy, research capacity building, coordination and partnerships.

Existing Relon under ARN

where we operate! our network is spread across the africa continent with ultimate objective to unite and amplify the africa refugee voice and advocating for our rights!


Nsambya Gogonya, P.O. Box; 23904, Nsambya, Kampala, Uganda +256 780 332 288 | +256 39 2002149


Nasra Gardens Estate, Gate B, Along Spine Road, Israel court, House No.400, 1st floor. P.O.BOX: 74783-00200 Nairobi, Kenya +254114958319 or +254726594886


Abuja Nigeria, P.O. Box 7892 Nigeria Contact: +2347058003071


Khartoum, Sudan, P.O. Box: 986424, Khartoum, Sudan Contact: +256991384849


Cape town, South Africa P.O. Box 56721 Cape town, South Africa Contact: +27837237809


Lilongwe Malawi, P.O. Box: 130868, Lilongwe Malawi Contact: +256991384849

Latest News

Joint Statement: (Un)meaningful Participation at the Global Refugee Forum (GRF) in an Era of Visas and Restrictions on Freedom of Movement

We, the Africa Refugee-Led Network (ARN) and Refugee-Led Organizations (RLOs) from the Global South, are dedicated to advocating for Meaningful Refugee Participation (MRP) and acknowledging the international community’s strong commitment to inclusivity and the principle of leaving no one behind. 

A Qualitative Research Study in Three Refugee Contexts in Africa

Given this concern, in early 2022 the Africa Refugee Network and OXFAM conducted qualitative research to find out more about the lives and roles of ‘incentive workers’ with a view to advocating on their behalf.

Advocating For Refugee Incentive Workers

In refugee settlements in Africa refugees engaged by NGOs (implementing partners) play a central role in the delivery of services. These workers, sometimes called ‘volunteer’s or ‘incentive workers’ are usually paid a small stipend by the NGO who engages them.